As an amateur researcher and professional author-illustrator from the global south, books and journals are expensive. While I try to use as many reliable free and open-source information as I can, often this is not possible for certain titles. Below is a wishlist of books, scholarly articles or visual materials I'd love to use for my Alexander Romance.


My preferred format is digital, due to the limited space in my household and my work process.

Note on ebooks:

I prefer DRM-free ebooks (in whatever format), but anything works for me.

Note on physical copies:

If you'd like to sponsor a physical copy, please email me first. ([email protected])

The Wishlist

Topics I'm Interested In:

Visual references to the natural landscape of Macedonia, Iraq, Iran, Alexandria in Egypt, Luxor, Pakistan (closer to the Northeast). If you live in any of these places, I would appreciate photos of the sky, the trees, the shape of mountains, the colour of the ground and grass, the native birds and flowers, the rivers, etc. What does rain look like there? How tall are your trees?

Visual references to the material cultures of Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia of 400 - 300 BCE, which includes food, fashion, furniture, jewellery, pottery, crafts, polychromy, wall paintings, floor mosaics, statues, tools, textiles, weapons, etc. The more mundane, the better.

Architectural references for Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia, as contemporary as possible to 400 - 300 BCE. Photographs or drawings.

Visual references to archaelogical objects in Macedonia, particularly the findings in Aigai, Vergina; and Pella. Either a collected book or more photographs.

More visual references to buildings in Macedonia during Alexander's time. The palace in Pella, what houses would look like, the interior of said houses, cemeteries, forums, theatres.

More visual references to buildings in Babylon and Susa during Alexander's time. The royal palaces, what houses would look like, the interior of said houses and palaces, cemeteries, alleyways.

Visual reference of the temple of Amun in Luxor. I am looking for interiors and scale of a person with the architecture.

Visual reference of the ruins in Macedonia, for scale of a person with the architecture.

Analysis of the Alexander Romance regardless of recension.

Visual Reference Textbooks:

The Treasury of Ornament: Pattern in the Decorative Arts